Werner SOX Sagmeister

Werner SOX Sagmeister is not a man of many words.

He does not have to – fine arts has nothing to do with it. His pictures, objekts and installations speak instead. Certainly it is no surprise that the master carpenter prefers to work with wood. The colors correspond to the spectrum of nature: the meadows, the mountains, the rocks, the water… the colors of the city. His colours are also influenced by light: the sunlight from delicate pastel of the dawn to the beaming midday sun to the dark black of night. And they are influenced by his own personal impressions of ordinary time: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

1966 born in Hall i. Tirol, lives in Mils bei Hall since 1990
education master carpenter
works as a construction carpentry technician in a timber construction company
since 2000 he is engaged in painting